Passionate about good and transparent government
“We support Jim Dines as our representative in District 20 because he is responsible with his legislation, passionate about good and transparent government, and an honorable leader for our neighborhood. His dedication and commitment to the southern Tramway corridor and Four Hills shows on the outside by the diligent work he has done in the two previous legislative sessions. His work at the Roundhouse has improved our quality of life.”
-Jeff and Carrie Polk, District 20 residents

Leadership and commitment to every constituent
“I have lived in this district for over 30 years. I have worked or volunteered for every elected NM House Rep. (district 19/20 after re-districting) since Norma Hood was our State Representative in the 1980’s. It is an honor and privilege to support and cast my vote for Representative Jim Dines. His leadership and commitment to EVERY constituent in this fantastic district is why my entire family and I enthusiastically support his re-election.”
– Patrick Stewart, District 20 Resident

For and of the people of District 20
“Jim Dines is a representative of the people. He is a man of integrity and believes in and practices open government. Jim is the type of man who the Founding Fathers were all about. A man that speaks for the interests of everyone regardless of their status. I fully support Jim Dines for another term as our representative in the New Mexico House of Representatives. A voice for and of the people in District # 20.”
– Bob Martinez, District 20 resident

Seeks out sincere partners in both parties
I’ve never heard Jim Dines parrot partisan bullet points. Instead he seeks out sincere partners in both parties to work for effective, open governance. When I’ve had concerns about government, he has opened the door to information and better understanding of issues.”
– David Blair, District 20 resident

Approachable, reasonable, and listens well
“We have known Jim Dines for about a decade and are very happy to have him represent us from District 20. He is approachable, reasonable, and listens well. He wants what is best for us in the district, for Albuquerque, and for New Mexico. His bill to provide an Ethics Committee with teeth is the first step in improving our state government; we need to re- elect him to further this cause.”
-Dr. Chuck and Terri Pribyl, District 20 residents

Opportunity to have our voices heard
“My wife and I met Representative Jim Dines shortly after we moved from Ohio to New Mexico. We’ve attended many town hall meetings where Jim asked for our honest feedback on various topics. We truly value the opportunity to have our voices heard and we know our opinions are respected.”
– Joe and Denise Foor, District 20 residents

First and only candidate to call back
“Jim Dines is not the first candidate to knock on our door over the past 33 years, however, he is the first and only one who followed up with a phone call to see if we had any additional questions on his position on a variety of issues. His is the first and only candidate to call back and and ask if he could come over to speak to us about upcoming legislative issues and what his philosophy of good government is. He is the only one to contact us after the session and ask to come over and discuss the results of the session. He does not talk politics, he focuses on the issues that concern all of us and he is a self-funded candidate. We have been impressed with his integrity to not accept special funding, lobbyists’ support and ties to special interest groups. We admire and respect Jim Dines. He has our support and should have yours as well.”
-Russell and Gemma Morris, District 20 residents

No gray area when it comes to honesty, ethics, and integrity
“I worked with Jim in his law firm for 16 years (1995-2011). For 13 of those years I was the Business Manager, working very closely with Jim, who served as the firm’s Managing Partner for the majority of the time. Jim is an excellent business man and leader. I learned a great deal from him, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be his “student.” I took great pride in working for a firm that put ethics above all else. Under Jim’s leadership, there was no gray area when it came to honesty, ethics, and integrity. I think all who know Jim well would agree that you can always count on him to do the right thing.”
—Stephanie Reinhard

  • Patrick Stewart, United States Army Veteran
  • Michael A. Blackledge, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force (Retired)
  • Don Welder” Blackwelder, Colonel, United States Air Force (Retired)
  • Thomas V. Golder, Captain, United States Navy (Retired), Thirty years service.
  • Gordon Hennessy, Colonel, United States Army (Retired)
  • Jack Henning, Master Sergeant, New Mexico Air National Guard (Retired)
  • Ronald L. Matz, Colonel, United States Air Force (Retired) 
  • Philip R. (Dick) Turner, United States Air Force veteran
  • Jim White, Colonel, United States Air Force (Retired)
  • Joseph Zmuda, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force (Retired)