1. Numerous safety reasons are a major concern. No running water and no bathrooms in the individual Tiny Home. Issues arise if someone is sick, or needs water and in the middle of the night one is forced to find their way to a communal bathroom. This is especially worrisome if one has trouble walking and cannot see well. This problem is heightened when it occurs with snow and ice on the ground or heavy rains.The communal bathroom facilities will be difficult to monitor and invites all kinds of bad conduct;

2. The cost per Tiny Home is too expensive and the cost for the village for the number of folks it serves is not effective;

3. The Tiny Home Village project is an isolated attempt to address homelessness when a comprehensive plan is needed. During my four years in the legislature I have learned that government, at all levels, has difficulty coordinating their efforts into addressing a problem. I have asked what is the comprehensive plan to address homelessness by Bernalillo County in conjunction with the City of Albuquerque and I have not received a reasonable response. This issue must be addressed by the City and the County in conjunction with each other. The State of New Mexico could play a role but the initial response needs to come from the local governments;

4. I am informed that businesses in the area are very concerned about their safety and the future of their businesses if this plan is in place in the East Central Corridor. Efforts to development the East Central Corridor have been ongoing and this project would set back those efforts; and

5. If we want to address homelessness we need to look at a local program like Saranam. You can look it up on the web, Saranamabq.org. That program provides the opportunity for folks and their families to learn, work and return to their communities as productive members. It addresses the old saying of “Give me a fish and I eat for a day, teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.” Saranam has over a 70% success rate. My wife and I have been associated with the program and have seen the successes. Saranam centers around the family and the Tiny Home Village project does not allow children nor provide sufficient pathways to end homelessness