• Spirit of Bi-Partisanship Award – NM First for 2017
  • Chairman’s Award of Excellence – Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce for 2017
  • Start to Finish Award – Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce for 2017
  • Awesome Support Award – Folds of Honor for 2016 (Folds of Honor provides scholarships to spouses and children of fallen and disabled service members)
  • E for Effort Award – Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce for 2016
  • Best in Government Rookies – Common Cause for 2015


I  have voted for laws providing transparent and good government, public safety, improvements in education and job creation.  Below are specific legislative proposals that I sponsored or co-sponsored in prior legislative sessions.  As you will see, I have worked with legislators from both parties in the House and Senate chambers. 


The legislature this year passed the joint resolution I sponsored to establish an Ethics Commission. There was strong support from a bi-partisan coalition of co-sponsoring legislators. The joint resolution will be on the General Election ballot next year, 2018, for voter approval. With voter approval the Ethics Commission will be in our state constitution so the commission cannot be dissolved by simple legislative action. The legislature had been talking about establishing an Ethics Commission for over 20 years


This bill would close a legal gap in our Habitual Offender Sentencing law.  Currently it takes four DWI convictions before DWI offenses become a 4th Degree Felony, but our judges cannot use DWI felony convictions for sentencing habitual felony offenders.  My bill would have allowed our judges to use the DWI felony convictions.

I have introduced this legislation three times. In 2017, the bill died in House Consumer and Public Affairs. In 2016, the bill passed the House 49-16 and died in Senate Judiciary without a vote. In 2015, the bill died in House Judiciary without a vote. 



In 2017, I co-sponsored a bill with Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, Democrat, Santa Fe County. This legislation would require New Mexico law enforcement agencies to obtain the proper warrants and orders before they can access your computer, cell phone, or other electronic devices. The bill passed unanimously in the House and Senate but was vetoed by Governor Susana Martinez.


In 2017 I co-sponsored a bill with Representative Joanne Ferrary, Democrat, Doña Ana County and Representative Nathan Small, Democrat, Doña Ana County. The bill would have prohibited former state officials from being compensated lobbyists for one year after leaving government. In a 2015 poll 82% of New Mexican voters supported a “cooling off” proposal for government officials. The bill passed the House 58-2 and passed two Senate committees until it ran out of time for a vote on the Senate floor.


House of Representatives Session Committees

  • Education
  • Judiciary
  • Rules and Order of Business

Interim Committees

  • Military and Veterans’ Affairs
  • Courts, Corrections and Justice
  • Criminal Justice Reform Subcommittee